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The website offers a personalised medication reminder service for patients, provided free of charge in association with MedMedia Limited and Novartis Ireland Limited (Novartis). is only intended as a reminder service; MedMedia Limited and Novartis both expressly disclaim any responsibility whatsoever arising from the use of the service. Prospective users should be aware that by their nature, SMS and web-based services are subject to delays and/or occasional unavailability.

Consequently, while we endeavour to operate the service to the highest standards, this reminder service cannot and does not purport to guarantee precise delivery of SMS messages to users.

Prospective users of this service are reminded at all times to only follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions when it comes to taking prescribed medicines. If in doubt, always seek professional advice.

For instance, you may register with for a particular medicine, and subsequently your healthcare professional alters, amends or cancels that prescription. In this instance, you should without delay log on to and update your records accordingly.

However, it is entirely possible that a reminder message based on your previous medication may be issued from MedMedia Limited and Novartis reiterate that medicines must only be taken or discontinued based on the formal direction of your healthcare professional.

By registering with, you understand and agree that it is a reminder service only and in no way should any message received or not received from this service influence you regarding following formal medical instructions or advice regarding your medicine(s).

MedMedia Limited and Novartis also advise that this system has no function whatsoever to receive or respond to incoming messages. If you wish to report an adverse event, please do so using the link on our homepage.

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